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Electrolyzer Package

Yaai Green Energy's Electrolyzer is an innovative package unit that produces hydrogen by the AEM based electrolyzing of water.This hydrogen can then be used as fuel for vehicles, power generation, or other industrial applications. The Electrolyzer designed and packaged by the YAAI team is an energy-efficient and cost-effective solution that helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions and dependence on fossil fuels.

Bio Compressed Gas

The Biogas solution from Yaai Green Energy is a sustainable and eco-friendly way to produce energy from organic waste. It is a sustainable energy source that can replace conventional fuels & help in reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. Turnkey solution offered by us is suitable to handle and make use of various types of wastes generated by different industries including the Agriculture, Industrial Waste, Spent Oils, and most importantly the Municipal Solid Waste.

Waste-to-Energy Solution

Yaai Green Energy's Waste-to-Energy solution is a unique and innovative way to generate electricity from waste. It is a sustainable alternative to traditional fossil fuel-based power generation that not only makes use of the Municipal Solid Waste which is mix of Organic / Inorganic wet & dry wastes but also produces energy in a more cleaner environment. This solution is ideal for Municipalities who have millions of tons of Solid Legacy mixed waste, industrial facilities, and other Bulk Waste Generators.

Controlled Oxidation of Solid Waste

This is one of the alternatives available to produce Syngas by doing controlled oxidation (Pyrolysis) of the Municipal Solid Waste & then do the CO / H2 Separations for further use.

Hydrogen Separated is categorised as the Green Hydrogen and can be put in to many usages such as fuel, production of chemicals or CO2 Capture projects.

CO taken out of Syngas can be used for making high value chemicals downstream.